Drawer Slide Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Services


Gather Functional and Technical Specifications

Our team is among the best in the industry. Our design services begin with a thorough understanding of your projects requirements and your stringent specifications. Our design team can help bring the motions portion of your project to life. Once we have gathered all necessary project requirements our team will create CAD drawings which provides you visualization of your custom product and make appropriate changes based on your feedback.


Your specs, our expertise

Whether you use our design services or have in-house staff, our engineering team offers solutions with world-class results. We apply our vast experience to your specific projects requirements and can make suggestions for product quality and performance improvements. Our staff will insure your project runs smoothly, as a member of your team, to ensure that your project slides smoothly right through to delivery.


Domestic or Offshore

Once your product is ready to go, we will take your specifications and our engineering team will bring your product to life with a prototype. All of our prototyping services are performed in the U.S. This allows us to make instant changes to any design and return a new prototype to your team, generally within 48 hours. Once your team has approved the prototype your product can move into the manufacturing stage. We offer both stateside and offshore manufacturing options and will happily quote both options so that your project can stay within both time and budget constraints.


Hybrid, US/offshore manufacturing, allows you to respond nearly instantly to both immediate and long term demand. This manufacturing model creates a supply chain that is responsive to time sensitive demand while still allowing the benefits of offshore manufacturing to supply planned demand.