Vehicular Drawer Slides

Off-road Vehicles

Who doesn't love rocks and nitrous!?

The entire off-road vehicle market is continually driving innovation in their space. They're always looking for that small advantage that will make their vehicle faster, more nimble or better prepared. This is where shines. Not only do we offer hundreds of different slides that can upgrade your rig, but we our design team can bring to life anything you can dream up.

Recreations Vehicles

exploring the world, one mile at time.

RV'ers are a particular bunch. They love the open road, they love their RV and they tend to be very organized. They like their RV to be in top condition and when parts start failing, they upgrade. offers several slides for use in RV's. We have many customers who use them to upgrade luggage or generator trays. They're also used in the kitchen, cab and almost everywhere else on an RV to keep equipment stored tightly, yet provide easy access.

Truck bodies

Every vehicle, more useful

In the right hands, every vehicle has the potential to be more awesome. Truck body fabricators are those folks who make that happen. They design and implement custom storage and organization solutions so that everyone is more efficient. offers a multitude of solutions to assist with rolling trays, slide out tool chests or entire sliding truck bed systems. If you require a custom solution, give our design team a ring and they'll be happy to create one just for your project.

Emergency Vehicles

making every second count

We can't think of anyone more important that the teams that operate emergency vehicles. When they're in action, time is of the essence and lives depend on their expedient response. offers solutions that provide access to the tools and equipment that the emergency operators need to perform their tasks with peak efficiency.

We've worked hand-in-hand with fire departments, vehicle manufactures and fabricators to create custom solutions designed to reduce response times. If your project requires a custom solution, give our design team a call and we'll be happy to assist with your project.