Woodworking Drawer Slides

Motion as beautiful as your cabinets

DrawerSlides.com offers the widest selection of woodworking drawer slides for every imaginable purpose. The slides are available in different mounting styles and load capacities to accommodate many different uses in cabinetry and furnishings.

Undermount Drawer Slides

Undermount style slides offer outstanding motion performance, good load capacity and are hidden from view. These features make them popular in kitchen cabinetry as well as furniture. They're typically not retro-fit compatible which means you usually can't use them on existing drawers. The drawers must be custom made to fit the specific requirements of the slide.

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Side Mount Drawer Slides

Side mount slides are, without a doubt, the most popular slides in the market today. They now dominate as the king of slides rein supreme in nearly every application. These slides are available in a multitude of configurations with load capacities up to several hundred pounds. Whatever your application you'll find our selection of side mount slides to be without comparison.

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Center Mount Drawer Slides

Center mount drawer slides are a great economic options for both kitchen cabinetry and furniture applications. These slides are mounted under the center of the drawers and allow for smooth ball bearing movement with load capacities up to 35lbs. Center mount slides are typically available only with partial extension as the design of the slides do not allow for full extension.

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Specialty Slides

Specialty slides take on a variety of unique and interesting applications. They are non-standard slides intended for solving life's untraditional motion problems. Some potential applications are shelf slides designed specifically for use in sliding shelves and pencil drawer and keyboard slides. Also in this category are two-way travel slides for use in applications where the slide needs to travel in both directions.

Pantry Slides

Pantry slides are heavy duty, floor mounted drawer slides intended for use in pantries or other heavy, bottom support, applications. The weight of the pantry rests on the slide which provides for smooth gliding motion while a secondary, non-loading bearing slide, is mounted and guides the top of the pantry. These are available with load limits up to 450lbs

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Euro/Epoxy Slides

Euro or epoxy slides are some of the earlest varities of mechanical drawer slides. They have been around for decades and are a staple in cabinets and furniture manufactured after 1960. They are an inexpensive, value oriented slide that are typically used in low end cabinetry and furniture.

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We know that selecting the correct drawer slide can be a daunting task. Give us a ring and we'll be happy to help.