Factors to Consider for your Residential or Commercial Drawer Slides

 In previous articles we have explained how to measure for drawer slides and also which features to consider before purchasing. There are several other factors that will determine if a slide will work with the specifications for your project. The width of the drawer, how heavy the contents will be inside the drawer, where and how the drawer will be used and what is the expected usage and lifetime of the drawer slide. In this Article, we will cover each question, so when you make your choice, you will do so based on the answers. 


How Wide is Your Drawer?

Drawer Slides Manufactures that Offer a Black Finish

Not very often, do we get requests for black drawer slides.  Zinc and white are the preferred colors. But when we do get a request, has the best selection available. This article will help to narrow down the options so you can make your selection and place your order quickly. Here you will find all the specifications listed on one page so you don’t have to do the research. Simply click on the links below for each drawer slide to place your order. Quality drawer slides with the specifications your project requires delivered on time and within your budget.


The Accuride 3307 Heavy Duty Drawer Slide is happy to add another heavy duty drawer slide to our already large and vast selection. Accuride continues to be a leader in innovation in motion options and the 3307 is another example of quality engineering. Every special feature needed for medium-duty industrial drawers or trays, or electronic applications was included in this drawer slide. We provide an extensive over view and link to purchase the 3307, should you determine this slide meets your industrial drawer slides needs. This slide should be considered through your search for medium heavy duty drawer slides.

Heavy Duty Drawer Slides on a Tight Budget

You have a project that requires Heavy duty drawer slides but you are on a tight budget. We can help! can provide three options that offer low, medium, and high load capacity’s, all classified as heavy-duty drawer slides. All in stock and available to you by simply reading further! A quick and simple over view of their features and load capacity’s. Simply compare the differences, click on the link, purchase and have them delivered in a few days. How simple is that?


Comparing Features on the Hettich Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

Hettich 4932 heavy duty drawer slides

Hettich is a German manufacturing company that defines itself as making daring enterprising decisions and incredible engineering accomplishments. Their heavy-duty drawer slides solutions bring motion, protection, and convenience to cabinets. For more than 50 years they have made the highest quality drawer slides known to be smooth, sturdy, and attractive. The Hettich KA3320 and the 4932 are two perfect examples of their engineering accomplishments. When you shop for heavy duty drawer slides these two slides should be seriously considered.

Accuride Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

A vending machine manufacturer needed corrosion resistant drawer slides for access to the waste box of a unique vending machine that juices oranges for drinks. The waste material from the juicing and cleaning process is dumped into a trash container lined with a plastic trash bag. The waste collection unit holds up to 26 gallons of wastewater, pulp, and peels. The manufacturer chose the Accuride 0330 full extension corrosion-resistant drawer slides.

Shopping for Soft Close Drawer Slides

Soft close drawer slides accomplish two objectives on a full overlay, frameless drawer cabinet. Drawers without soft close slides shut with a push on the drawer head. The average weight of items cause the drawer heads to split under the repeated impact over time. Also, the drawers of full overlay cabinets butt up to each other and to the underside of the counter. Kid fingers get caught between the drawer and counter on a fast close. The soft close eliminates these two concerns. They help us to de-stress and allow for a more productive working environment.

Knape and Vogt Heavy Duty Drawer Slides Buying Features

knape and vogt 8505 drawer slides

Comparing the vast array of heavy duty drawer slides can take time. Knape and Vogt is a leading heavy duty drawer slide manufacturer. In this article will provide all the specifications for the KV heavy duty drawer slides that we sell so you can make quick work of narrowing down the correct drawer slides for your project.

Features of High Quality Drawer Slides

Drawer slides are available in several mounting styles. The specific project will determine the type of slide and the load capacity. You will want to carefully choose the correct drawer slide for your application, and always be sure to read the technical specifications that are available under the documentation tab. Specialty drawer slides are available for pantry units, keyboards, and pocket doors. only offers the top manufacturers of drawer slides, including Blum, Accuride, Knape & Vogt, Fulterer and Sugatsune, therefore when you shop with us quality is a given.

Reliable Drawer Slides that are Easy on the Wallet but Perform Year after Year

When you shop for drawer slides you will come to know Blum and Accuride. They are both excellent choices but they are at the top end on the cost scale.  At some point in everyone’s lives, I truly hope that we all know the pleasure of spending years in a kitchen with top of the line drawer slides. I think of my grandmother who only knew inexpensive kitchen cabinets with poor quality slides. She lived pay check to pay check her entire life. Her philosophy was if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Well, what if you could have that dream kitchen without the 20-50k cost of a complete remodel?